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COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner relies on the gentle yet highly effective powers of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids to detoxify all skin types. Along with a few soothing botanical extracts, this toner invigorates and decongests, for a healthier/brighter outcome. In fact, its exfoliating facet rids your complexion of all kinds of impurities, ensuring an addictive feather-like finish. With each application, you’re likely to notice fewer irregularities in skin tone as well as texture. Moreover, this treatment also provides a much-welcomed energy boost.

Besides casting away dead skin cells and refining enlarged pores, it replenishes one’s complexion, restoring a solid moisture barrier. In short, this miraculous liquid is a wonderful source of benefits. In a 3-in-1 fashion, it cleanses deeply – without damaging the skin or stripping it of the necessary level of hydration. Plus, exfoliation, as well as extra moisturization, are soon to follow. To sum up, if used on a regular basis, this option will surely give the ultimate polished finish, improving the skin’s overall condition.

How to use

Spray the COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Tonera few times into a cotton pad or reusable towel after cleansing your face. Then, delicately sweep the pad all over, paying specific attention to more problematic sections. However, make sure to stay away from the eye/mouth areas due to extra sensitivity. If you decide to use it at the start of the day, complete the treatment with a sunscreen that has SPF30 or higher. Thus, you’ll increase protection while also intensifying results. Alternatively, spray a generous amount of the product on a few cotton pads and place them on dry/ irritated sections making them work as a simple skin pack.


  • Apple Fruit Water refreshes your facial skin and is a mild exfoliant that contains moisturizing as well as soothing properties;
  • Glycolic Acid, extracted from sugar cane, is commonly used by dermatologists for peeling treatments. Due to its ability to slough off dead skin cells, it is ideal for renewing and reviving the complexion;
  • Finally, Panthenol acts as a skin protectant with anti-inflammatory qualities. It tends to enhance the skin’s hydration and elasticity, smoothing its appearance. Ultimately, this component retains moisture and water in the skin, allowing it to hydrate from the inside out.
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